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"Functional Medicine and Health Coach Roanna has been heaven sent to me. For how many years, I was experiencing debilitating joint pains... there were times that I would wake up with stiffness in my knees and fingers.... It was sometimes difficult for me to function in my daily activities as it was very bothersome in some days. I am so glad that Coach Roanna introduced me to healthy eating as sometimes the root cause of our illness in our body is due to our eating habits. I can now say that the eating plan recommended to me helped me in my stiffness. Now my joint pains subsided due to healthier choices of food and meal plans that Coach Ro suggested. Thank you Coach Ro for inspiring others like me to have a healthier and more active lifestyle. Now, I have more energy to complete my daily task and activities. Highly recommended Coach!"

—  Casey, Philippines (2021)

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