Plant-based Nutrition Coaching

Are you thinking about going plant-based to improve your health, to lose weight, to perform better in your sport/s or to address your health condition/s? Are you interested to learn more about this diet? Do you want to be guided on how to transition in a healthy way which you could sustain long-term? Do you need one-on-one support as you fully integrate a plant-based diet into your life? Or are you already on a plant-based diet but you want to ensure that you’re doing it right for your health or goals?


If yes to all (or most) questions, I offer you my Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching Programs.


What You’ll Get and Learn

  • Plant-based nutrition coaching that allows you to make changes slowly, but sustainably

  • Set personal health goals and implement action plans to eat a healthy plant-based diet

  • Analyze your current diet and eating habits, and suggest simple changes you can make to ensure you get the health goals you want.

  • Build habits and practices that are sustainable based on your needs and lifestyle

  • Customized recommendations, resources and guides

  • Weekly simple challenges to help you transition to a plant-based diet

  • Support, accountability, tips and education you need to stick with this lifestyle for good.


In order to give every client my 100%. I can only take on a limited amount of people. Therefore, slots will be given to those who first fully register.

One Time Consult

3-Month Coaching Programs

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