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Virtual Events Rates

Virtual Standard Events:

Events lasting no more than an hour in length and completely online, including group coaching sessions and other speaking engagements for our coaches.

Virtual Standard Events

Rate for Single Standard Event (One-Time, Non-Recurring): $80 USD/Session

Rate for Single Custom Event (One-Time, Non-Recurring) on a New Topic*: $120 USD/Session

*Custom Events on a New Topic are sessions that cover new or custom topics.


Rate for Multiple Standard Events (Recurring):

2 Events– $140
3 Events– $180
4 Events– $200
5 Events– $250
6 Events– $300
7 Events – $350
8 Events – $400

Different recurring event rates apply to Custom New Topic Events. Please get in touch to inquire.


Flat Rate: Virtual Standard Event rates are considered flat rate, meaning the fees are inclusive of all preparation or other related activities prior to or following the event, and no additional compensation will be provided beyond the Virtual Standard Event rate for any such activities.


Cancellation and Rescheduling: If an event is canceled more than two weeks prior to the event, fees will be waived and the client will not be charged. If an event is canceled less than two weeks prior to the event, it will be considered as rendered and the rate schedule listed above will be enforced. 


If an event is rescheduled more than one week prior to the event and the Coach is unavailable to participate on the rescheduled date, fees will be waived and the client will not be charged. 


For questions and clarifications, get in touch.

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